Monday, October 8, 2012

German's Angel

My little brother came to visit us from Houston after 16 years, that was in January. I was pleasantly surprised   when he told me: "I know what I want for a Christmas present this year, cross stitched ornaments for our Christmas tree".

Well, that's completely doable. Instead of choosing a pattern from any designer decided to make it more personal and make it all from scratch... I know, they're professionals and there are lots of gorgeous designs out there, but that adds to the meaning.

So I came up with this little, not so small, angel, I'm naming it German's angel, and I'm pleased to offer it as a complementary design for you all :)

It features three Hardanger stitches: Algerian eyelet, Kloster blocks and Dove's eye.

The fabric is 28 ct  white linen, the backing fabric is printed cotton. 

It still needs the finishing touches, but I've decided to wait a few days because I can't seem to make up my mind yet. 

Afterwards I'll release three more ornies, one for my sister in law and one for each twin. 

Happy stitching!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Christmas present ahead

Hello fellow crafters! I've been working on my bags and pencil cases among other commissions. Today I received a request from Dee, a dear friend I met @Ravelry, she asked for some recipes to use for her Christmas presents. I gave her my favorite three, two of which had become a tradition among friends and family, cookies and molded sugar, the third one is a skill I learned this year, bonbons and will upgrade  the presents this year.

I made a pdf so it can be shared easily, here it is. Feel free to use the recipes either to make presents or to raise a little extra money, just enjoy!!!