Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back on track

Hi there!!! I'm a little sad that I haven't been able to update my blog as regularly as I want to. There's been a lot going on, but I will keep that to myself because all I want to write here is cheery stuff.

My brother was here  past January, here's us having pizza at "Das Pastel Hause" in "El Hatillo".

With my cousin Paco and his wife, Carola, on our way to "La Colonia Tovar"

Silly faces!!! LOL

The twins are girls! My sister in law called to tell us while Germán, my brother, was here. Well, I knew that from a dream I had before he told me they were expecting. They are Evengeline and Genevieve, we're expecting them to arrive on May 31st, or around that date. Of course I couldn't pass the opportunity to send them something made with my own two hands lol Since the baby hats had been a huge success I made one for each of them. 

This one is for Genevieve:

This one is for Evangeline:

I'm working on a baby blanket but nothing to show yet. They decorated the babies room with Winnie The Pooh, a favorite of my SIL, and  I chose Joan Elliot... Guess I'll have to change it, or maybe stitch it  with Mary Englebreit's alphabet  (the room furniture is black, guess those letter will go along with the decor...) What's for sure is that I have to make up my mind quickly. Anyway, maybe it will be send with my mom, she will travel to Houston next Christmas to spend time with the girls.

Most of my time is now dedicated to my small business crafts, I'm making things as they are requested. Here are some keychains and some necklaces, made with painted wood.

La Divina Pastora (The Divine Shepherdess) and La Rosa Mística (The Mystic Rose):

Ldaybug and flower:

Virgin of Guadalupe:

Zentangle inspired:


Piñata or Mexican Fiesta:

Green world:

Also had been making this little boxes for a baby arrival. It's traditional to give a souvenir or memento when the baby is born and people come to meet the new baby. My sister made the figurines, I painted the boxes and the babies' and sheep's faces.

Couldn't resist to add the "Thanks for coming to meet me" cards, and  some baby carriage confetti, made with a paper puncher.

Well, now you now I'm still here. Been lurking blogs, but since my net time is limited (budget adjustments), haven't been commenting. 

Nice to be back... Happy crafting!!!