Monday, July 30, 2012

Art Journaling

Hello fellow crafters around the globe! I'm happy!!! Today was the last day of school for this school year, now I'm on vacation until September 17th.

I spent my whole weekend researching on Art Journaling, a beautiful technique I was wanting to try. Taking a small step made a page, one single page, which will be led by others and then bind as a book. The subject: Art!

The fluorescent background is stamped with a foam meat tray, carved with a stylus. Toned it down a bit with white pastel chalk.

 Added some dimension with Glossy Royal Coat, by Plaid.

It has a feather stitch edge and some glow on the dark thread on the butterfly. Of course I used the stamps made with foam and the eraser.

Guess I'll have to be brave and experiment with new materials and techniques even if the results are not what I expect.

Happy crafting!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ugly row counter

Just a small note to show my new crochet/knitting row counter. It's a beaded bracelet that has nine beads on each row and works like an abacus. It goes up only to 99 but if I ever want one that has up to the hundreds will make another one with three rows.

I didn't have eighteen beads all in the same shape and in two different colors which should had been the logic thing to do. Instead I used Millefiori cubes in two different sizes, they don't look so well together because one group of beads is significantly larger than the other. Anyway, I just tested it and it works well, it'll come handy when I'm on the bus crocheting, sometimes I even do that standing, so it's the best way to keep track of rows (which I often lose lol)

I bet it would be cool to make a child friendly version for their calculations... Another project on my vacation to-do list!

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One, two, three, four, five!

Hello fellow crafters!!! Just a few days away from Vacation!!! And as the Go-go's said "Vacation's all I ever wanted, vacation's all I ever needed". On the meantime I've been warming up with five projects:

One: On the bus ride I've manage to complete the back of my summer breezy cardigan! Thanks again Sandy and Magaly for providing the pattern and the thread to make it possible ;P

BTW The flower isn't an embellishment, it's a tape measure covered, something we made at Good Things Together Ravelry group.

The leaf is a pull for the tape. I like that it matches the project bag. It feels so nice to be all color coordinated :)

Two: A pencil case for a former student. 

Three: I was wanting to make some pretty pins since ages. Having so many beads, crimps and such, guess it was a nice stash buster. These have just silver crimps and a Millefiori bead. They look so pretty!!! 

FourTwo ghost necklaces with mood beads, the larger one for Mildred, her birthday was past Sunday. The small one for me

Five: Of course Mildred's present should have a pretty card. I'm so happy with this one, simple yet stylish :) 

But a sad thing happened; one of the stamps got lost, they're from the package "Terrific tags", clear stamps by Fiskars. I really don't know how it happened, took all  precautions possible and yet I believe it fell on the sink, even took the pipes out to see if it was on the drain... *sniff* my poor pretty little flower is lost forever, or at least  until I can buy a replacement.

Any way, I've been experimenting and now I can make my own stamps, either carved on an eraser or made with foam.I'm pleased with how they work ;-)

Haaaappy crafting everyone!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hello again!!! As I said before my comadre Katiuska requested fifteen presents for my god-daughter Paola's teachers. She wanted 3 pencil cases and twelve key rings with Holy images in them, but also all fifteen had to have a few of my world famous cookies, and also be already wrapped and tagged with a "thank you card"... The client is always right so I did what she told me to.

Here are the pencil cases, all with "Gracias" (Thank you)  embroidered:

And these are the key rings, clockwise Mystic Rose, Divine Shepherdess, Virgin of Guadalupe  and  Caridad del Cobre.

The backsides:

Here are the yummy cookies:

My favorite are the hearts, dipped with dark and white chocolate!

And how they were presented:

All the presents wrapped up:

The tags are embossed:

Mission accomplished!!! My customer is happy, I'm happy, the recipients are happy... All is good!!! Happy crafting. Now back to my crocheted summer cardigan, I'm almost done with the back. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thank you present for mom

Hello fellow crafters! I'm still hanging on, waiting for the upcoming vacations... Apart from school I'm busy making commissioned presents for teachers (I'll blog about it later, after the recipients get them). 

Mom let me used her sewing machine for a while, to make the bag for the exchange and to finish the commissions. As a thank you present I'm working on a dust cover for it, but also organized her notions tin and added a few things for her. I can't show a before picture, forgot to take it but that's better because it was so messy!!! LOL

First I organized the bobbins and the different fabric pressers, put all the small things on a plastic container (the ones with soy sauce from Chinese restaurants), she already had the needles in a tic tac container, added a double needle to build up her collection :)

Then I upcycled a vitamin C container for her magnetic brooches. The sticker says "Thanks", labeled it so she doesn't have to open it every time to remember what's in it.

I didn't want the needles to be lying around, in fact one of my fingers have a painful reminder they should be neatly arranged; looking for something appropriate found this pretty Helga Mandl design I cross stitched a few years back, it has quite a story, the fabric bled, I tried to save it using chlorine to give it a vintage look, did like how it turned out but never had the time to complete it.

Finished it as a needlebook (it was originally a biscornu). Apart from the fabric to stick the needles, made two pockets for the threader, the tailor's chalk and that other thing for opening buttonholes and ripping the sewing apart (I don't know the name in English, and now that I think about it, not in Spanish either lol)

Had to toss a few more needles and pins (how can someone sew without pins??? She handn't any).

To complete the needlebook glued a Popsicle button in the center. Mom saw it and she was delighted!!! Good thing because she usually is picky with everything.

Mission accomplished. Now just have to finish the cover and oil the machine before I give it back (as she instructed me)...

Happy week!!!