Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SAL progress and other stuff

Hello again! I'm a bit sad because my machine has been acting up. I even bought a repair manual to see if I can solve the problem (or give the technician some heads up when I can afford to call him). Mom had to lend me hers.

On the meantime I've been busy with the SAL. It's quite lovely but it's been such a long time I didn't cross stitch that I had a few mistakes, some I was able to correct, other not. Still, I like how it's coming along.

My color scheme. I added a darker pink afterwards.

Had to secure the fabric, I hate when it looses threads  at the edges.

And here's what I've accomplished:

The Rhodes heart gave me a lot of work, I forgot how to make it.

I don't know  if the Spiderweb roses should have that much thread in them but I do love how they look.

This little angel, a complimentary design I released past December, went away and I didn't showed it all finish with the ribbon and the cord around it. German's angel post has a cool 310 visits so far. I wonder if someone else has stitched him.

This is a commission from Nora, a small make up case for her and a place mat for her daughter. Came up with the idea of adding two small pockets, though I think will be only decorative, because anything place there won't be secured.

And to end the post, this crazy quilt block, from 2011, was finished as a needle book for my sewing class. Needless to say it has been praised a lot!

Now off to bed, else I won't be able to wake up tomorrow... 

Thanks for visiting me ;) Hope you have a sweet Valentine's Day.


Annie said...

Lots of pretties! I always wonder about when to stop weaving on those roses too. Tutorials never seem to mention that! Yours does look great.

Hope you can get your machine to cooperate! They can be touchy!

Mylene said...

A lovely post with great finishes. The start on the SAL is looking beautiful.

Happy weekend!

PJ said...

What a sweet little back. The zipper pull really adds to it, too! BTW-I LOVE your pincushion! Love seeing your work! Even though I do not cross-stich I'm intrigued and love to see all your wonderful projects!

Michelle Mouratides said...

Hi Sandra,

beautiful work! Its been a while for me to view blogs, moving country has taken most of my time, still not completly settled. But still stitch the odd thing :)
maybe this Christmas we can swap

many hugs