Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to stamping

Hello friends. Vacation is here and I'll be on my way to Trinidad and Tobago next week. For now I'm trying to leave everything organized, tidy and ready so I won't have to worry about anything. Also I seldomgo to the beach, so these past few days had to wash all the summery clothing, and crazy as it sounds, my carry on, where I'm planning to pack all the things I'll need to stay a whole month there hee hee

Well, one of the things I need to take care of is the package with the girls' dresses and owls. There also something for their mom and dad but not made by me. Anyway, I wanted to make a card for them, so they can keep it as a memory of their auntie Sandra. Recently I came across these adorable fairies and bought two of them from a really nice store in my beloved UK, My Crafty Heart, they were super quick to mail them, the postage cost was perfectly reasonable and they even added a sweet message and a cute surprise.

The stamps are Sweet Elin by Nellie Snellen. Took me a while to find them but Lisa, from Wishcraft was very kind to point me to the right direction (you should check her blog, she works wonders!). Ther are four on the set but they only had two, so I ordered these and will order the other two later, when they are back on stock.

The stamps produce such a neat image that it seems to be printed instead.

Ok, the cards, I don't consider myself very talented when it comes to scrapbooking, but I enjoy the process, we don't find here in Venezuela many of the things needed for it, so I work with what I have and try to solve the lack of cute papers and stuff creatively. 

I don't have copic markers, used regular Prismacolor and aquarelle Faber Castell crayons to color the images. The accents are made with glittery markers and gel pens, also used glitter paint and glossy accents to give them some depth.

The cards were plain, using the Fiskars Embossing system did some embossing and then accented it with pastel chalks and a little glitter.

The flowers on Genevieve's card came as a present with the stamps, they are the cutest things. I'll use some for embroidery. The stars on Evangeline's card are some laser stars bought on my favorite wood paint store in Caracas.

The inside is just a pink paper cut to fit and then punched with matching themes.

They might seem plain compared to the lovely cards I've seen out there on scrapbookers blogs, but I  love how they turn out, I'm sure little bro and sis in law will cherish them. as for the twins, they will smile and try to chew them (they are at that stage these days lol).

Well, hope you have a nice crafting week, I'll try to post pictures from the trip regularly. Of course there will be some crafty things to show, will take some embroidery with me and also do some wire wrapping with Kathe.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Graduation, mail and other stuff

Hello fellow crafters!!! I'm officially a seamstress ;) Well I think that should be like one of those role playing games and I'm now a level 1 seamstress lol On the hand front, its almost completely heal, been working fine with it.

We were requested to do 10 favors each, but some of the students counldn't make any, so I made 23 owls and 12 candy shaped pincushions. Take a look:

Also made the matching owl for the other twin's dress. This time I decided to add some more texture so they can explore with their hands.

And on the mail got new stamps, a set of Spanish phrases and an alphabet set, both having in mind my flourishing business...

We don't get stuff like this in Venezuela, well, at least on regular stores, and if we find it, the price is usally outrageous. I saw it on ebay, but most stores don't ship to my country, asked the seller of Rubber Stamporium and she was very kind, she answered quickly and even combined my shipping to make the most of it ;) I'm very grateful she did and now can make fancy stamps for my customers...

Also received  a long wanted set of WOCS magazines, the ones for Joan Elliot's "A year of blessings", my best liked Angel Afghan. I'm not sure when will I make it or if I'll make the whole afghan or use the angels on individual items. I'll take it easy but I'm so happy... God bless ebay!

And to end the post, sis Kathe convinced me to set up a commercial facebook page, I did and so far have sold 18 ribbon bookmarks and five therapeutic pillows. You're welcome to visit Sandra F Productos Artesanales official facebook page, like it and share ;)

Now I'm off to work on a few things for Paola Valentina, my god-daughter who will be 15 in August, as you know that is important in the latin culture. She's going on a "Quinceañeras Caribbean Cruise", on the meantime her parents and me will be visiting Kathe on Trinidad  (oh yes, I'll post pictures). I'm making a set of pretty pouches for her personal stuff and a fancy dress for a dinner party, and if the time and machines are good to me, then I'll make her a funky dancing mini skirt ;)

Have a blessed weekend and happy crafting!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The other pillowcase

Hello friends!!! My hand is still far from perfect, still hurts when I do chores or crafts, but my doctor said I should be testing it and let him know how did it work. My next appointment is by mid July. 

On the meantime I'm finishing the stuff for the show, graduation from my sweing course will be next week, which is funny, today is my Special Education Teacher Graduation Anniversary.

I manage to finish the other pillowcase dress. The girls saw them and Evangeline applaud lol Well, she does that every times she sees me, maybe because I was  determined to teach her to do that when she was 11 months old. I like how it turned out, but still have to make the matching owl.

Didn't make i twith a lining because this fabric is thicker than the other one, guess it was better to leave it like this, so the baby won't be feel hot wearing it.

This is how they look together. 

Grannies, mom and dad approved them, let's see what the sweet little tots think of them ;)

And I'm super excited because a "just because" surprise present is about to reach its destination YAY!!! Remember the bag made for my blogoversary? I sent it in May, when the ladies at the PO told me that the mail to USA was back on.  That means I can work on the other ones to be send...

Have a happy Sunday. I'll spend mine sewing the owls we'll be giving as favors on the show.