Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi there!!! Long time since I last posted. Had been working a lot trying to make my small business more solid. Also took a small break from everything around December.

In order to improve the quality of my stitched pieces, I bought an ovelock machine. It's a bit tricky to keep it threaded, but now is working smoothly. See how the ORT jar is overflowing with threads??? That's how busy I've been.

Had to move some furniture around the house, the kitchen table ended up on the craft room That way I can always have the sewing projects on. It was tiresome having to take things out to the dinning room table and then getting everything back to its place at night... 

On a funny note, the twins finally got their teddy bears (remember I sent them months ago?). But seems Genevieve wasn't happy with the blue one, so she got the green one instead (after useless efforts from their parents to try make her like the blue one). Her mom said "the girls switched the bears after all", well, is a good thing Evangeline is happy with anything lol

Now, back to my stitching. Happy crafting!!!