Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pillocase for one of the twins

Hi there!!! I've been doing my physical therapy and keep getting better. Still will be on medical leave until the 30th. Little by little I managed to finished a pillowcase dress for one of my nieces. Will be working on the other one as the hand lets me. Haven't got the ribbon for the shoulders yet, but I did finish the matching toy ;)

I know it's not common, but I made it with a lining. Didn't like the finishing of it just serged or hemed, so added a cute embroidered  fabric trim.

The bias tape came all the way from Malaysia (thank you Sue).

 And couldn't resist to make a matching toy... It's owl season ;)

Well, it'll be gone after the show. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it fits one of the babies right ;)

Happy crafty week!!!