Saturday, March 22, 2014


Hey there!!! Let's talk about the good things that did happen. I was in Trinidad since August 6 to September 6 in 2013. It's a very nice Country, though some things are quite weird for me, such as how laid back people are, must be the heat, it is hooooootttt!!!! I always felt like I was in a sauna when we were out. Even at nights is quite hot.

Here you have a few pictures:

The whole gang at The Temple in the Sea.

Our feet at Hanuman Murti Temple.

Me lighting candles at Saint Benedict's church.

Going to La Brea, tar pits.

In La Brea.

Bridge through trees. 

Picnic at Fort George, before I melted, 39 ºC (about a 102.2ºF).

Fort George.

Holding down the Fort George.

Steel pan!!! Yay!!!

Loved this festival ;)

Saint Benedict's convent.

It's so tiny!!!

If you have time, there are 394 pictures on my FB album here.

Met wonderful people, ate a lot! Hope I can get to do something fun next summer too. 

Happy crafting!

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