Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Christmas

Hi fellow crafters and friends. I've been absent for a long time, besides the things of real life (dad's and sister's caring), have been working at school and  my small business, mostly sewing. I'm showing a few pictures, but there's a lot more on Sandra F. Productos Artesanales FB page.

Slippers are trendy these days, with the cold and people spending a lot of time at home, made a lot and still have a few more to finish.

Also been knitting and crocheting, you might find it hard to believe, but it's hard to find knitted hat for babies here in Venezuela, with so many restrictions we have on imported goods, people find it better to commission the work, still it was hard to find the yarn,,, 

Hope you all have a blessed Holiday. 


Annie said...

Love those snuggly slippers. Great idea and I bet they sell well. Very cute baby hats. Such a shame it's hard for you to find yarn.

Hope your holiday was merry. And it's great to see a post from you!

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Very cute and lovely slippers.I like it.

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Nice one!