Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer in Miami and Houston

Hello fellow crafters, this post is not related to anything crafty... Except for the lovely artsy crafty things I've seen lately at shops and Museums.

I'm on vacation, spent a week in Miami and Delray, now I'm in Houston. I'm staying here for a full month. Was planning to do something crafty, such as a workshop, but didn't find any.

Brought presents for the girls,painted  two bags for my cousin's little girls

 and I've finished the 2010 BAM CAL from Ravelry in two small afghans for my twin nieces.

They were happy with those, but I washed them and one of the squares unraveled... I need a crochet hook to fix it before getting back home. Don't know how did that happened...

So here are a few pictures of the places I've enjoyed.



 Did you notice the Yellow Cab is actually pink???

 Little brother. The twin's dad.


The monster in me...

Origins of Batman

I don't know if this Maya rock depicts an astronaut or not, but the fact that he's making or having chocolate is so cool!!

Downtown at night.

And gardens:

 Love these stepping stones

Well, this is the report so far. Next week I'll try to go to NASA and The Health Museum...

Have a lovely, crafty weekend ;)


Annie said...

Ms. World Traveler! So was this your 1st trip to the US? You certainly saw the sughts! Glad to see you are still crafting and thriving.

Sandra said...

Hey Annie!!! This is my first time in Houston, but my 5th trip t the US. Thanks for the comment :)

Sandra said...
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Meari said...

Great photos of your trip. I really enjoyed them. :)